Dawn at Dusk

I once had that dream

To be heard and to be seen

To be perfect as though it was a dream

I awoke one morning and envisioned what would become of me

A child, a lass, a lady and someday a woman.

I walked out my doors and on the lawn were spread my flaws.

They bitterly spoke to me, their words coming at me like whips and lashes..

Who do you think you are?

The question was thrown at me. I struggled to find an answer ’cause me wasn’t even sure of who I

was anymore.

Through time and tide, I hid me and she was lost

Influenced by the creators of the me who I was

The me the world saw, was that which was invented and the real me lay still awaiting my resurrection.

But hope found it’s way to me and gave the command for me to be free

Like a bird ready to fly out it’s mother’s nest, I took me and became me.

That dream was my fairytale, This is my reality.

I am imperfect and human.

Earth to me, I am a woman!

Love always❤

Sophia x.

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