Hashtag – Girls have lives too!

Prim and Proper

Hush! Don’t bother

It’s for the culture

Girls don’t own their lives’

cause in the end they become wives…

Sob and Conceal

No one cares about how you feel

It’s the formation

Girls should not be eccentric

’cause in the end they’re called dramatic…

Take and Make

Children for your husband’s sake

It’s the tradition

Girls should not be respected

’cause in the end it gets into their heads…

Dream and Wish

For everything you want to accomplish

It’s for society

Girls should be seen and not heard

’cause in the end your voice ends up dead…

You and Me

We’re girls not by our will

It’s the creation

Girls should go to school

’cause in the end we turn out to be super amazing and cool.

Love always ❤

Sophia x.

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