Letting Go

Sometimes the secret to a glowing, healthy skin or a beauty that never fades or an ever young heart is not dieting or prosthetics or even skin care. It’s letting go of the agony, hurt, pain, sadness, hate, envy or whatever vice it is that you have stored up in the tiny muscle that works hard to keep your body functioning all day and night. I say this not out of judgement but because I have been through the same thing.

Earlier on in January, I decided to block someone who had hurt me deeply. But I realised that blocking the person didn’t make me any better. The memories were always bugging me making me feel bitter almost all the time.

It even affected my relationships with other people. With all my skin care treatments, working out and dieting, I realised that I wasn’t shedding any weight or getting the glow I wanted. It took me some meditation and self awareness to realise that my unforgiveness made both myself and my offender prisoners. I took a bold step and contacted the person telling him how I felt.

I’d never felt more alive, peaceful, beautiful and productive as I’m feeling

these days. The energy is just different. The glow is divine.

There are a lot of things that hinder our shine; unforgiveness, comparing yourself to others, being envious of your neighbour’s prosperity and a whole other lot of things. We need to take out the junk in our lives. They only darken your soul.

So if your soul is glow; your skin and your life will glow too.

Love always❤

Sophia x.

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