Blue for Love! – 💙


You know all those things I said I’d never do. Ha! Look at me today. I’m doing all of ’em and feeling very indifferent about it.

Every morning I awake, I’m new to the world.

My fears and worries of yesterday buried with the sands of time.

Today, I’m a cat with lives of nine.

My faith says it’s a second chance at life. (For the record I’ve had so many second chances to correct my mistakes, right my wrongs and do better)

But there’s something different this time.

My will is mine. It’s not for society or even family.

It’s for myself, to live a fulfilled life.

To dream and achieve all my goals.

To soar high,

to travel the world and touch lives.

To live, love, laugh and experience them over again.

To help those in need and show kindness in any way possible to my neighbor.

This is not some gospel, This is my truth.

The world needs love, the world needs peace.

Tattoos and drugs don’t make us sinners.

The lack of love in our midst makes it seem like we’re lepers to each other.

BTW I’m sending all my love to Sudan💙. To Cameroon 💛 and even my own country Nigeria 💚.

Show love and kindness even in the smallest of things.

Love always ❤

Sophia x.

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