Dark Polaroids

I’ve always suffered from this panic disorder. The panic attacks have been seldom this year compared to last year (which was one of my darkest years ever). I’ve been healing but two nights ago when I suffered an attack again, it got me thinking. I’m scared. Scared to let anyone in on these gruelling pictures in my life polaroid. sigh I’ll just keep pushing like always. Smiling and hoping that one day I’ll be completely free.

I battle depression

I battle sadness

I battle fear for i know not where my heaven is.

I’m busy, I’m guilty

Tickets to hear my lies

The show’s sold out.

I take the stage

I’m staring at the crowd

I realise I’m suffocating

The lack of air in my lungs

The salty taste of tears on my lips.

Save me, I need to be saved

Help me for I cannot escape

The chains have been broken but a slave I’ll remain

To that which is unknown.

Love always ❤

Sophia x.

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