Dear Brown Girl

This is my story
Story of an African child
Don’t think you know me
This version is about to be wild

You see, I remember when i was young and running around topless
Now I’m sitting here and doing the same thing regardless
My mama said ‘You’re a girl, you really gotta talk less’
So bless me Father before I open my mouth to confess
These things, these people
scarred me, really simple.
They’d smile and buy you things and make you feel pretty special
But behind those eyes and those laughs were their urges; sexual.
It’s funny how somehow I knew it was disrespectful
To a young girl like me, what’s your name; Uncle?
Years have gone by and memories they’ve become
But still I close my eyes and it’s like I’m reborn.
My brown skin makes it hard for me to show emotion,
Dada said, ‘You a black girl, you just have to be strong’
No tears in your eyes,
No feeling despised.
Hold your head up high,
Like the star you are and shine.
So I’m forced to put everything that happened behind me
Open my eyes and pretend I’m a free being.
This one’s for the predators that took us for prey
Your children are in danger, and worse if it’s from a stranger.
I’d stop here to finally catch my breath,
only wanted to let you know that the wages of sin is Death!

Love always ❤.

Sophia x

6 thoughts on “Dear Brown Girl

  1. This particular piece is fast and captivating. like I know I’m about to get burnt put the pace doesn’t let me back down.
    It’s like that most times though… you just grab your readers and plunge them deep into your thoughts unapologetically 🥺
    Nice work though👌🏾
    Give us more too would you?🥺

    Liked by 1 person

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