Girl with a Heart

On Sunday I got:

He who seizes the right moment, is the right man – Goethe


Man errs as long as he strives – Goethe


The unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates


We soon believe what we desire – Chaucer


The longest day has an end – Aowell


Living without aim is like sailing without a compass – J. Ruskin

Now these are simple short yet powerful quotes that I have promised myself to live by.

For when did I find it so hard to be everyone but myself?

I engage in conversations with an effortless flow

People trust me with their darkest secrets, even strangers I just met today.

I laugh and smile and give them hope that everything is going to be fine.

How can I be so sure yet unsure?

I need to let go, I need to talk to someone. I need someone to be there for me too.

I need stability.

Isn’t this what scientists term ‘bipolar’ or someone with an ‘identity disorder’?

Everyone would say I’m depressed, but this is far from depression.

This constant pounding of my heart on my ribcage is not depression.

This increased pulse rate is also not depression.

I wish I could see God and give him a big gigantic hug.

I need some peace! Peace is all I need.

Peace from having experienced and knowing too much.

I need to stop feeling like I’m not worthy enough.

I am. I am. I am.

Love always ❤

Sophia x.

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