Inspired – I can only Imagine (MercyMe)

I’ve been really lazy with my poetry.

Out here thinking why do you do these all for free?

Spend time, thread nine, just to find the end rhyme

Used to think that my writing was an equivalent crime

Used to invoke and compose lyrics for those demons

Now I’m saved and I’m out here writing steady sermons

What you gon’ do? I’m a slayer for Jesus

He died just to save us.

He’s here and using us

Blessed us. Forgave us.

Healed us, now we’re saved up.

The church is on fire. The devil’s a liar

He’s a thief and a brutal destroyer

But I serve a living God, the mighty one, the only maker

Wasn’t dead to sin, the pain did sting

I was cold, with unforgiveness so bold

Freedom never seemed to blossom

A prisoner but close to the ocean

Then He touched my wounded heart and whispered “You’re not alone”

Now I want life with Jesus,

No parol.

PS: this poem was written on 6/11/19.

Love always ❤

Sophia x.

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