Day V

What’s Popping people???

Posting this because I’m single okurrrrrr.

The First Night Our Souls Met.

Heart ache, hands made
Glowing Fingers
Fault still lingers
Shimer and shine
Slow down and whine
Dance away the slowness of time
In these words find your rhythm and rhyme
Tonight i want to love you
Maybe more than i should do
This red dress and a seductive wine press
Fancy lip gloss, give those hips a little toss
Baby call me sugar, a tigress, a cougar
I’ll take your heart, only this time much slower
Said you won’t leave me behind
Forget my pride, let’s just unwind
Naked under that lingerie
In lace and silk to die for me,
for you, for us,
We can now be free.

Love always ❤

Sophia x.

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