Time’s Up

I’m tired. Everyone’s trying to fix things. Same goals. Same stage. Nothing different. Everyday they say we’ll try something new But everyday the sky still remains blue.
It’s exhausting how being alive became so stressful,
from needing to wanting to leaving it all unattended to.
Society is messed up. Trying to keep my head up.
You’re gay? Thanks for ruining my day. You’re a Christian? Yeah right, all you do is bread and wine feasting.

The system is corrupt, fixed in such a way that it always favors the plot.
And then there’s the racist “not racist” community.
But the truth is you’re either black or white. There’s no 50 shades of grey in the game of diplomatic immunity.
I’m tired. Humans have sold their rights to aliens.
Yeah that’s right. Bloody homosapiens…

Love always ❤.
Sophia x

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