Word For Thought

What do you call this feeling of protectiveness you feel over a complete stranger?

All of a sudden, there’s a need to protect, cherish, care for and just be there for that person. Don’t say love because the world underrates the real meaning of love. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is not selfish. Love detests pride. Love is vulnerable yet powerful. To feel love is the greatest gift of God and the universe to man. To feel like there’s nothing else that could go wrong. To be willing to share. To forgive. To accomodate. Life is unpredictable. Life is beautiful. Everyone wants to love and be loved. But not everyone understands that love is hard.

What happens when that person is not lovable. What happens when that person’s flaw comes to the fore just because they’re going through something they don’t feel like sharing? Will we be there to care? To show them that our love is eternal.

But that’s the question, who can love eternally?

Man? I only know about God.

Love always❤

Sophia x.

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