To The Woman of my Dreams,

You’ve been strong, you’ve been brave,

You’ve been perfect for so long, you’re not allowed to misbehave.

“Sit here. Stand there. Speak now. Shut up.”

They want to tell you what to do

how to do, where to do, when to do.

God I’m blue,

My soul’s on fire like the Ghost Rider

I wonder how it’ll feel to let out all this rage.

Rage? Let’s talk about hurt

Wage? Let’s talk about exploit

Sage? Let out all the negatives

Gauge? It’s done now, affirmative.

You’ll be alright, You’ll be fine

Cheers to the future where you’ll drink and dine

Make mistakes, pause the brakes

Control the navigation of the stakes

you set for yourself.

Go high, Go low

It’s okay to lose control.

Dear Parents,

I’m only 19, i can’t have everything figured out

Dear Boyfriend,

I don’t want to hurt you

Dear Me,

growth is a process.

Love always ❤

Sophia x.

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