Seven; Perfection

Happy new month guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome to the second half of the year. Remember to be thankful and kind.

This is dedicated to my African sisters:

You were brown,

even before the world tried to bring you down.

You were African,

even before you were ‘discovered’ by the European.

You were human,

even before they seperated man from woman.

You were beautiful,

even before they destroyed your ancestors’ oracle.

You were strong,

even before they tried to break your bond.

You were alive,

even before the missionaries were set in the jungle to arrive.

You were art,

even before they condemned your black heart.

You were dust,

even before to die was a must.

You are dust in art; alive, strong, beautiful, human, african, brown girl.

You are seven; perfection.

Love always❤

Sophia x.

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