Lessons from Unashamed

Hey guys, i just finished reading Lecrae’s book unashamed. I’ve been blessed by it and I want to share some lessons with you. Also, I would be giving out free pdf copies of the book. All you need to do is follow my blog and reach out to me on sophiaonwane@protonmail.com just leave a message requesting the book and i would definitely get back to you. Remember you must be following my blog.


Being an outspoken Christian in the music industry means always feeling out of place. It’s like whatever you have accomplished is less credible because of your faith.

You dont have to be a rapper who is Christian to understand what I’m talking about. If you’re a person of faith who works a regular job, or interacts with your neighbors, you have likely felt this tension. You’ve probably sensed it at parties, or office functions, or over coffee with non-religious friends. If you’re a Christian and you have a pulse, you probably know what I’m describing.

It’s like you fit in, but you don’t fully fit in. There is a sameness with those around you, but also a difference. You feel accepted by those around you, but not all the time or all the way. You may have gotten used to it, but it still raises important questions about what it means to be a Christian in a world that assumes Christians are obnoxious. Or irrelevant. Or hypocritical. Or judgemental. Or ignorant. Or bigoted. Or any number of negative adjectives.

Being Christian means not fitting in, and the only solution is learning to look to God for ultimate recognition. If you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.

Some of life’s struggles are so severe that even music is powerless to overcome them.

An ancient king once wrote, “The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”


There are a few guarantees in life but you can count on this: If you ignore your wounds, they will not go away.

Healing is a process – the kind that moves inch by inch, year by year, often spanning a lifetime. Talking about wounds is important, but talking about our healed wounds is just as important.

For the first time in my life, i felt a sense of purpose and identity.

“i had finally been set free but i was about to find out if i could live free. A person can be removed from slavery in an instant but it takes a lifetime for slavery to be removed from a person.”

There are two big problems with being on a spiritual high;- First, it can often lead to legalism. You want to prove – to God and your friends and even yourself how “holy” you’ve become, so you make extreme modifications to your behavior. You don’t want to leave doubts in anyone’s mind that you’re really a changed person, that you’re really “on fire”, that you’re really “sold out”. So rather than rest in God’s grace, you busy yourself trying to prove your own righteousness.

Secondly, like all highs, they are temporary. Eventually, you sober up. And that’s when you find out what you’re made of.

Misery loves company and rebellion does too.

Your true character is revealed not by how you act when life goes your way, but how you act when the bottom falls out.

When people try to avoid suffering by sinning, they end up sinning their way into suffering.

To be continued…

Love always ❤

Sophia x.