I was born on the 17th day of August.

The night wind was a little breezy

before then a girl she must,

to be brought up as holy.

Growing as an innocent i knew nothing but…

becoming an adolescent, maybe i did have a thought.

I wanna make it someday to that place sky high

Oh I do know the right way, the question now is Why?

Surrounded by people, the black and the white

I’m let in on all there is; the good, the bad and the ugly.

So i look at the stars tonight and wonder, what’s with the ugly?

I was taught the difference between good and evil,

now there’s a third party with an extra little.

We need to figure these things out

and give ourselves the benefit of doubt

That in this world and on this planet

the only thing that makes sense is to live a fulfilled life,

to not give in to strife.

’cause no matter how hard you try,

it ain’t possible to please everybody

So stand up and be that somebody who you deserve to be,

and not who the world wants you to be.

It is time to be free!

Love always❤

Sophia x

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