October the 30th

To the little girl whose skeleton still takes up space in my closet,

I’m sorry you had to go through such great pain till you took your last breath.

You would always be a part of me but I’d rather live knowing that I grieved you.

It’s time to clear out the mess you’ve made living with me.

I’m tired of mistaking your clothes for mine.

I’m tired of holding your bony fingers as we rock each other to sleep.

I’ve held on to you for so long that I don’t know how to hold on to anything or anyone else

but I’m ready to love someone again.

I want to look at the moon and not wander back to the night you died.

I want to wear red and not imagine it’s your blood on my body again.

I hear that life is more beautiful with the lights on.

That there is warmth in the bright sun.

You will finally be laid to rest my little angel.

It’s time to spread my own wings and fly.

I will never forget you.

Love always❤️

Sophia x.

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