Letter To All the Dead People I Know

I’m sitting here staring at the stars and trying to imagine what my future would look like. Trying to picture myself with my dog and best friend/lover taking hikes, catching flights, riding bikes, star gazing, wine tasting, love making, silly dancing with postcards to our loved ones from every atmosphere with a difference.

but that’s where it ends. I can’t seem to go further. maybe because I don’t want to live long. just watching the years go by and counting age. Tik Tok is the time of our lives yet I want to die and come back to know if it’s just eternal nothingness or we actually get to meet again. You deserved to get a proper goodbye. if it’s hell or heaven, if it’s fire or water, I want to know. Life is short they say but death is actually shorter. It’s that final blink, that final heart beat, that final word, that final smile or tear, that final freedom or fear…

So what’s it going to be dear loved one? What would you have done differently?

With love in curiosity,


Love always❤️

Sophia x

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