My mother prays that my depression will end

She prays that I’m happy always

She prays that I live a long life

She prays that I find genuine love

She prays that I accomplish all that I want to

She prays that my beauty never fades

She prays that I am the child she dreamed to have

~ ~ ~ ~

The body has a mind of its own

When it goes down memory lane, there’s no stop button

This has become an addiction

The depression, The drowsy insomnia

Keeping me on the edge

What if I wake and realize that it’s not a dream

What if the filth comes back?

What if? What if?

What if I die just to re-live the situation?

I wish you dead

I wish me dead

I want this to end

“My name is legion, for we are many”

Shut the fuck up!

Love always❤

Sophia x

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