I was a child of light Little did I know That there is darkness in every soul vice in every virtue power in pestilence fowler in friend I'm losing time trying to decipher 'cause when you lose the grey The dark catches its prey and the light wanders away * * * Shadows and fair … Continue reading Reveal-ation


Sort of the kind of feeling you'd getFrom all the attention you're receiving You're prone to often forgetThat you'd one day stop breathingIt's skin that turns into dustDesire into lustPlea into mustIn the end, your soul is rustNurture it, for life's end is near.Love always❤️Sophia x

Pharisee 101

Like roses laced with thorns They'd prickle and you'd bleed They look squeaky clean on the outside, but are filled with perversion on the inside. Stay away from them, Steer clear of their influence and hypocrisy. Keep guard, for you may rid your heart of one devil and the next time 7 more will come … Continue reading Pharisee 101